Nature's Way

MARGARET MORSE NICE launches her career as an animal behavior specialist when she arrives at Clark as a graduate student. In her distinguished career, Nice became a renowned ornithologist, who published seven books, more than 250 scholarly articles and thousands of reviews and summaries. Until her death at the age of 91 she led the fight to preserve animal populations and other natural treasures across the United States.

Clark Biologist SUSAN FOSTER and her student research team continue a years-long study
to unlock the evolutionary secrets of the three-spine stickleback, a fish whose origins date back to the last ice age.

Did You Know?

NICE drew inspiration for her career at age 15 after hearing Clark President G. STANLEY HALL deliver a lecture at Amherst College titled, “Love and Study of Nature.” That night, she quoted Hall in her diary: “Nature is the backbone of all education.”

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