The Godfather of "Avatar"


Floyd A. Ramsdell (class of 1910)  held the first public showing of one his 3-D films at MIT, using the new technology he’d been developing in partnership with the Polaroid Corporation. Ramsdell, one of only a handful of people with 3-D expertise, was later recruited to the West Coast by MGM, a disillusioning experience he later recalled as working with "those dummies out in Hollywood."

Floyd A. Ramsdell 1910, inventor of 3D

Director James Cameron’s 3-D action film “Avatar” becomes the most profitable motion picture of all time.

Did You Know?

Floyd Ramsdell, working with a medical scientist at Johns Hopkins University, filmed the digestive tract of a live dog by inserting a tube and camera he invented — a first-time event chronicled in 1947 by Life magazine.

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