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Professor John Bell, a native of Vancouver, B.C., joins the Clark University Psychology Department, and would later dive into the research that made him a pioneer of family group therapy. The practice of counseling multiple family members at once was still considered groundbreaking when he published his first monograph on the subject in 1961. Bell bravely veered from the prevailing Freudian approaches to forge a lasting reputation in his field.


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In partnership with Clark professors, The Mosakowski Institute for Public Enterprise holds the first of its Family Impact Seminars at the Massachusetts State House to explore strategies for helping families cope with the devastating emotional and financial effects of the recession.

Did You Know?

Despite his renowned work in counseling, John Bell never held an advanced degree in psychology. He earned his doctorate in education and held a certificate in theology (he at one time practiced as a minister). His wife, Elisabeth Anderson Bell, however, was a psychologist.

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